Friday, July 27, 2007


Tessa is currently in the process of losing her teeth, which is something we've actually been looking forward to. Those pearly white can be deceptively sharp. Although Tessa's teeth aren't as sharp as other puppies I've met (I still have a scar on my arm from another puppy's tooth). Here's Tessa's original puppy smile:

Then her favorite chew toy came along, Kiley. After one tumultuous afternoon, here's what we saw:

And here's what's coming in. She's the teenager who hasn't yet grown into her teeth. We'll keep you updated as to whether she'll need braces.

Lets get started!

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging. I was inspired by a friend's blog as well as the fact that I have more couch time as schedules within our house are beginning to change! You may ask, how can you have free time when you have two crazy Vizslas but I assure you that they are quite the couch potatoes come dusk!

Makin is 6 and Tessa is almost 18 weeks. We are having a great time learning how a household with two dogs works. Always a learning process and being consistent and very patient is extremeley helpful. Lael was able to spend almost three weeks with Tessa when she first came to us and therefore we had quite a head start. Lael did an amazing job with house training as well as with a variety of different commands.

The girls started out very different in size and Makin was, at first, very apprehensive of Tessa. They are now best friends!

Stay tuned for more on our girls, it should be fun, as Tessa just completed Puppy Kindergarten and Makin is about to complete Beginner Agility!