Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, Tessa is now in Manners 2 and Makin has her first class of agility this week. Tessa is doing well in class but we are still having a little trouble with distracted recall. Working on it though. I must remember to bring high quality treats to the park.

Makin's class will be a challenge. Agility ABC's run my Maplewood Dog Care and Training. The same folks that teach Tessa. I am very excited about both classes. The instructors are awesome. Katrin, the head trainer, is very knowledgeable and I think she will demanding, especially for ABC class. Julie is the other instructor who we have worked with. She has a great attitude and always has good recommendations. There is a lot of homework. I am excited though because Makin will have a job, other than trying to find birds at the park every morning! We do a lot of work with Tessa at home also. So this will be the real start of the blog. Lots of updates on training.

Oh yeah, Tessa is getting big. She is now 35 lbs and is the same height as Makin but a little thinner. Not that Makin is fat, she is just a little thicker and has quite a bit more muscle.

More to come.....

The girls love the sun!

Always ready to take a snooze in the sun!

More Christmas

The girls had a merry christmas. There were even some stockings for them. Tessa was dressed in a little something that was a gift a year ago for Makin. She tolerated it quite niceley!