Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crazy Weeks

We haven't had much time to make a post in the last couple of weeks. Time has been precious, work busy and keeping the girls active instead of taking time to post has been a priority over posting. So sad. We have some good news though; for us and the girls. We found a house made an offer and it was accepted. We have had the the inspection and are continuing on with the purchase. The only thing remaining is the commitment by the lender but all seems to be in order. The house has a great back yard (which will need a little additional fencing) but will be great. The yard is flat and we will be able to set up some agility equipment. Although I will still be going to the park with the girls a lot we will be able to let them loosen their legs in the new yard. The house is small but perfect for us and it fits all of our needs. I actually can get to work in less than five minutes and Lael's commute will remain almost the same. I will be able to shoot home at lunch and let the girls have a mid day break on most days.

We have had a few communications classes with Tessa. The first class was great but the second can only be considered a disaster. She is a very touchy little thing and sometimes it is hard to determine what shuts her down. The last class she was completely spooked and we could not get her to shake her funk at all. I feel very bad for her and hate to see her so stressed. We need to somehow figure out how to help her.

Makin has had two five directions classes, one of which we missed because we were on vacation. She is doing great though.

Our vacation was awesome. We went to a friends house in Chatham and the girls were able to swim quite a bit which was nice. They do love to swim and the ocean on Cape Cod was quite warm. Again we were on a private beach where we were able to let the girls swim without being worried about getting in trouble.


Bobby McGill said...

Nice place for lunch! Lucky you.

Jules said...

Congratulations on the house! The yard looks perfect. Just take down that baby tree. Just kidding.

And the girls look like they had a great time on the Cape. I love the pic of them snoozing in the dappled light.

Andrew Campbell said...

Congrats on the new house... and the shorter commute. We're lucky that both our schedules are full but relatively flexible, so we're able to limit the amount of time that the boys are crated each day.

Sorry to hear Tessa was having a rough day. Momo has those days still once in a while. The nice part is they seem to be short-lived.

Happy 4th of July.

PS: Headed to the Annual Meeting at Sharpe's on August 2nd?

Katrin said...

House looks awesome!!!!!! LOVE the back yard!!!!! Crossing my fingers

Rocket said...

What a great back yard for the kids! LOVE the pictures from the cape.

Blue said...

The house is beautiful! And it's got an awesome yard for the girls. Congrats!