Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hello again!

Oh my goodness! See that picture below, the one from the last blog about 60 days ago- that has turned our worlds a little upside down. Packing, moving, turning off internet, then holding off a while before turning the internet back on (lael's scheme at saving money to help pay the mortgage....ha!)- all of this is why we have not posted a blog in a while. But now school's back in session, and although none of us are in school and we are only affected by longer commuting times due to bus traffic, we still have a sense of re-organization and motivation. So stay tuned for Makey & Tessa's (mis) adventures!

Today for example, we had a ~good~ agility class with Makin. Actually, it wasn't good in the sense that we did well, but it we learned a bunch. Now that we have a yard, we have to actually start using it for practice!

And, our beloved roomate, Kelly, moved out today, which we are all very sad about. We knew it would happen someday; she's moving onto bigger & better things. Makin & Tessa will miss snuggling in her lap (usually both at the same time), Lael will miss her fashion advice and chit-chat and Neil will miss her cooking camaraderie. But, really she's not too far & better come visit often!


Katrin said...

"it wasn't good in the sense that we did well, but it we learned a bunch"

Mistakes = GOOD!!!!!

Thinking = GOOD!!!!!

Trying New Things = GOOD!!!!!

Sometimes, I think I need to reprogram the lot of you (all of my students).

I thought you did VERY WELL! Excellent in fact! You all did! Good class!

Now go out in that brandy new back yard of yours, set up some agility stuff and make LOTS of mistakes and learn from them! :-)

Continuum Share Test said...

Yes, it's so sad! No evening snuggles with Makin or morning kisses from tessa. Even after one night it's such a shock, but I'll be back for a regular dose of the best dogs—and people—ever!

Andrew Campbell said...

Wohooo, welcome back! While it was sad to read that Makin has lost a roommate, it's nice to see that her son treats guests just like his mother.

Congratulations on having a backyard. Some day...

Any chance we'll see you down on the Cape this coming weekend?

best wishes

Makin & Tessa (Lael and Neil) said...

Sadly we will not be on the Cape this weekend. I will be removing many, many shrubs with a chainsaw and then stumping them next weekend with the assistance of a mini-backhoe. Yes power tools are fun but there is a lot of back breaking work to be done.