Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back Yards...They are FUN

In the past Makin has never been one to play with other dogs. It is clear though that she and Tessa have formed a bond. Tessa is the only dog Makin will play with and they love doing so in the back yard. I think the reason they have not played like this a lot is because when we go to the park there are a lot of things that Makin is more interested in (e.g. birds). Below are a few shots mid tug-o-war and wrestling for the squirrel. The chase game didn't photograph very well with the phone. In the chase game Tessa dominates with speed but Makin can turn on a dime and would make a heck of a fullback with the way she avoids pursuit.

We have also been doing a bit of yard work but have taken a bit of time off as we are waiting to install the new fence and don't want to have things undone during installation. Makin decided that we were slacking and started to tear up some roots for herself.

On another note we had a great agility class with Makin last night. I am actually going to wait to discuss it more once I can "pirate" Blue's drawing of the course (she has been putting them on her blog)! Suffice it to say Makin did well but we need to do more work on switch. Tessa came in and did some jumps and the tunnel and shows much promise. Her foundation course for obstacles begins soon.


Jules said...

So glad the girls are helping you with the yard work!

Everyone did an excellent job yesterday.

Delilah and Rocket said...

Good gardners are hard to find! :-)