Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Agility 10/07/2008

Two awesome classes tonight!

Tessa is quick. I know there is a Mr Enthusiasm out there but I think we may have found Miss Enthusiasm during Tessa's class. She was having a blast working. During her class I was impressed with how much distance we can get between us and her. This is something that she just seems to get. We worked the teeter and the A frame a bit. Tessa is doing great on the teeter and does a great wait for us so that she hits her contacts. The A frame was also good until something spooked her. That is the funny thing about Tessa. She spooks easily and can shut down but she is also getting better with breaking the funk. She is loving working in the barn and seems to be having a lot of fun.

So, we have Miss Enthusiasm but tonight we had Mrs Enthusiasm as well. I know, I know Makin isn't married but she has had offspring which will allow me to give her the Mrs title. Makin was full of "piss and vinegar" tonight. It was the first time we have seen her get so stoked to run a course that she picked a line and went ahead doing obstacles in the order she wanted. Was I upset by this; hek no. I was so pleased to see that joy and excitement in running and working the course. The courses in Makin's class are definitely getting harder and are challenging. They require a lot of forethought and planning in order to handle things well. I must remember to relax and breath and trust Makin. She is fun.

So we were also issued a little challenge. We were told that we should try a trial out...soon. Well, in reality we have been at this for less than a year so this is a little scary. We are still weak on the weaves so we would do a run that does not require us to do them. (I know, bad handlers for not practicing them more) I am going to look into this a little more. It could be very fun. The first event is the hardest and will come with all the nerves and jitters. Breathing will help!


Katrin said...

jumpers, touch n go, tunnelers, possibly even chances. i think you guys would do GREAT! Maybe enter classes on Sunday and go Sat to get a feel for it. Plus it is a mandatory requirement to VOLUNTEER so that you really learn about the classes and it is amazing how much you learn. You could volunteer at any job but good novice jobs are- leash runner, score runner, ring crew or course builder (you just move equipment where told, don't have to design courses or anything)

And yes, breathing does help :-)

Good job tonight!

Jules said...

You'all can do it. All three of you are totally ready!

It was great to see Makin having such an absolute blast. And that Tessa, whoooeee!

Blue said...

You guys and Makin are doing great! I'm planning on taking Iris up to watch the NADAC trial, and it would be pretty cool to see Makin's big debut :)

Andrew Campbell said...

Woooh.... Miss and Mrs Enthusiasm! Momo will be very pleased to hear that his mom his getting all fired up for agility; now we now where his stubborn streak comes from, too. Please let his mom know that he did finish his Senior Hunter. She should be proud, like us. Wendy thinks that the pic on our blog with his smiley scrunchy face looks just like Makin.

I won't tell Jozsi that you have christened Tessa this way... he'll feel compelled to start flirting uncontrollably with her if he ever gets to meet her.

Bravo on getting the two girls all energised and stimulated. Good luck with the trial.


Andrew Campbell said...

Dear Mom:

My dad is heLping me Type this beCause I am tooo excitEd. We will see yoU at the pHeasanT hunt in a coupLe of weeks -- Dad says he Is supposeD to be gunning, so who Knows.


PS: he saYs the first picTure of mE from October 4th looks like YoU